Business Finance

At Gouldson we provide business loan solutions that are not only flexible but benefit from our deep understanding of your operation. As a Gouldson client, we will already know your business and can offer a tailored and relevant solution for your loan requirements.

The key benefits of a business loan from Gouldson are:

  • We offer flexible options and solutions.
  • We already understand your business so can access your financial information quickly and easily.
  • We will precisely match asset period to loan period.
  • We are experienced in both accountancy and finance.
  • We have a range of finance sources including our own lending book.
  • Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.

In business it is important to differentiate between spending money and investing money. It makes good sense to invest in your business, after all you are investing in yourself and in your future earnings, now that makes sense.

Office Equipment & IT
Keep pace with advances in technology by upgrading your office equipment and accounting software. You will improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business administration and reap the benefits of faster debt collection and improved cash flows.

Plant & Machinery
Invest in new improved equipment and see the benefits in enhanced productivity and output.

Commercial Vehicles
Keep your vehicles up to date and up to the job. When you’re good to go your vehicles need to be able to go too. Talk to us about refurbishing or replacing your existing vehicles.

Fixtures & Fittings
Being well organised is important for every business. Having your equipment and stock to hand where and when you want it reduces stress and improves efficiency and output. Investing in new fixtures and fittings in all areas of your business will ensure that everything is to hand when it is required.

Working Capital
Cash flow a bit tight? Need an injection of funds to smooth out the fluctuations in your day to day finances? Why not talk to us about a loan for working capital.

So if you need a loan for working capital, refurbishment, property development, new machinery or equipment Gouldson can give you the right advice and provide very competitive quotes whatever your plans – Now that’s good to know.

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